Coming Off The Heels Of The First Night

There’s nothing better than seeing the setup of Wembley stadium before being swept away by the anticipated keynotes… There is also no such thing as a great show that doesn’t have some sort of hype surrounding it prior to the event… Coming off the heels of the first night, there were a lot of mixedContinue Reading

You knew it would be epic, right?

Wow, now that was a Super weekend. The year-long wait was finally over. The Progressive Property Super Conference 2013 has come and gone. This year’s property extravaganza will probably go down in the history books as one of the most-attended and successful property events of all time… thanks to You, our community. (You knew itContinue Reading

Definitely Not Your Average Wag

She might be a footballer’s wife, but Karen Brady’s fame and fortune are entirely her own doing Karren Brady walked onto the stage of Wembley Stadium on Saturday night fully aware of the task at hand. It was her job to paint herself as a role model and a leader with a vision for theContinue Reading

Anything but “Bonkers Bruno”

Frank Bruno, the larger than life personality – the gentle giant, came to share his story on Sunday with You at the #PropertySuperconference and to talk about his demons, his victories, his life experiences – and to pass these stories on, not as a man on a pedestal, not holding himself up as an exampleContinue Reading

Progressive Property SuperConference 2012 – Day 1 as it happened…

The majesty, the pageantry, the speakers, the sights, the sounds: anyone who attended the Property Super Conference 2012 experienced all of these, and more… The weekend was quite simply amazing… Well done to the team & EVERYONE who helped put this beast into play– we Rocked’ Wembley Stadium to make this the biggest Property SpecificContinue Reading

What Is Frank Bruno Talking About?

You’ve probably heard by now that Frank Bruno is coming to the Progressive Property Super Conference in a few weeks.. The story has gained massive publicity in the property community over the last few weeks.. Well guess what? I’m going to be interviewing him LIVE on stage. And this is your invitation to come alongContinue Reading

The Property Superconference Striped Shirt Competition Is Live

If you’re up for a laugh AND fancy winning: * 2 tickets to the Super Conference * Your travel costs to Wembley * Your accommodation on Saturday night * PLUS a striped shirt! (that’s over GBP500 of prizes!) …then you’ll Like this 🙂 Enter our Progressive Striped Shirt Competition in 3 easy steps: 1. ClickContinue Reading

Frank Bruno’s Story

Reserve Your Tickets & Bonuses Now Franklyn Roy Bruno was born at Hammersmith Hospital in London. He was the youngest of 6 children from the union of his parents Lynette & Robert Bruno. Michael, Eddie, Faye Joanne, and Angela are his siblings. His parents settled down in Wandsworth in London. His father Robert who wasContinue Reading

Even The Most Fearsome Are Fearful

Ever wonder what drives people to ‘lose it’ or go ‘bonkers’? Is it a lack of humanity, ‘bad genes’ or the ‘the devil’ at work? You see, these were just some of the words banded around when former heavy weight champion Frank Bruno was sectioned under the mental health act. I (Rob) was lucky enoughContinue Reading

Neville Wright – The £100M Man: ‘From School-Failure To Multi-millionaire’

• Neville Wright, the man who bought his first house at 16, grew up ‘totally dyslexic’, not knowing how to spell his own name, leaving school at 15, made redundant , having no money, to selling one his businesses to retail super giant Morrison’s for £70M pounds. • By the age of 34 he wasContinue Reading