You knew it would be epic, right?

Wow, now that was a Super weekend. The year-long wait was finally over.

The Progressive Property Super Conference 2013 has come and gone.

This year’s property extravaganza will probably go down in the history books as one of the most-attended and successful property events of all time… thanks to You, our community.

(You knew it would be epic, right?)

Was the 2013 Property Super Conference the best ever?

I think it most definitely is in the conversation, but that is a question for another blog.

Judging by the results and from the 100’s of emails, tweets and FB comments, the event was met with great success.

(some of those are copied in below – take a look)

For some property investors, a new chapter begins as the light of the future shines upon them. For others, it’s back to the drawing board to regroup, adapt and learn new strategies and try to take control of a new destiny.

Here are the highlights of the of the epic event from Wembley Stadium from day 1…

The event was kicked off by our good friend Daniel Wagner (the ‘Crazy Austrian..’) who introduced Mark Homer (GBP25M commercial and residential property investor) who holds more than a decade of property sourcing, deal making, and
finance-raising experience.

The informative finance keynote was a breath of fresh air of the strategies for weathering today’s unsteady but improving economic climate.

Covering topics such as personal finance, this presentation provided an in-depth look into the financial management of
companies, businesses and the FTSE across many industries to assess the expectation of the UK property market.

Once people moved past the idea that the economic crisis and market crash were the cause of overly simplistic economics
people could then begin to look at the economy and the way its resources are distributed through a lens of the interactions that take place between its key dominant markets & property players.

At the end of his keynote, Mark suggested that no matter how fragile the state of the economy and patterns of financial
power were (albeit showing signs

of recovery – discounts reducing, higher LTV’s, BoE Funding for Lending Scheme…) property investing has and always will be a “local business”.

Iain Wallis opened the second stage by discussing the importance of keeping more of Your property income and how tax avoidance..(not evasion) should be encouraged to slash Your property tax bill..

This was a very insightful talk especially how the golden rule of offsetting many revenue expenses are missed off by investors– when added together, can provide a significant tax saving.

The mix and match of the 10% wear and tear allowance was very beneficial as You could start to claim the relief as soon as You started to receive an income from the property.

On a personal note, it was very humbling to see Iain deliver his talk at the property Super Conference, having been in the audience at past PPSC’s. ..

Doing his thing and being a fantastic speaker on stage with such humility, professionalism and enthusiasm was a very proud moment for the Progressive community.

The next message was pretty simple by our young keynote, Lauren Ratcliffe

‘Get off Facebook…and get back to work!’

Did we get Your attention? : -)

Because if You’re anything like we were 2 years ago, we were spending waaaayyy to much time on Facebook.

Seriously, and here’s the problem. 90% of the things You do on Facebook are totally time-wasting and not Income Generating Tasks [IGT] when it comes to marketing Your property business.

Think about it.

Those motivational quotes, pictures of your dog, posts about what You did at the weekend – NONE of these will increase Your bank balance..

Tell me…

..what’s wrong with this picture?

You run Your own property business and spend over 50% of Your time on marketing on Your website, blog, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube and you get no response from any potential JV partners..

What’s wrong with this picture?

It’s not the hard work You’re doing.

It’s not Your use of engagement with online social media

It’s HOW You’re using Your social media tools

The social media training and utilising other peoples network, building a community to grow Your reach and getting high-value JV partners was totally do-able, but only if You were:

Being seen (visibility is credibility..), being liked, getting comments, engaging, & getting shared.

You didn’t need to be a Facebook geek to do this…but with the right strategy as Lauren explained, it was the single best online way to grow a list, position Yourself as a property expert, manage your brand , reputation, and drive traffic to increase Your bank balance!

Next we had Peter Hogan speak about a little underground (yet highly valuable) strategy relating “abandoned” property – the kind You see around you every day in cities, towns and rural areas. Property such as private homes, vacant land, woodland, in fact, just about every type of land and property You can think of…

Acquire property, like this, for free?!

Yes. It’s all thanks to a legal procedure, called “Adverse Possession”. Simply put, this procedure allows You to legally claim ownership to property (where You had sole and uninterrupted use of the land for a period of 10 years (for registered land) or 12 years (for unregistered land)) where the original owner cannot be found or where they do not come forward to assert their ownership.

There is no limit to the number of land parcels and properties You can lay claim to…You could be claiming ownership of highly valuable property, on a regular basis, and building a substantial property portfolio…

Imagine… acquiring FULL LEGAL OWNERSHIP of property, and not paying a penny for it! – No deposits, no mortgage worries, or rent to pay out for. You’re simply making use of a legal procedure to gain ownership – a procedure that most investors don’t even know exists let alone how to go about doing it!

This strategy was an opportunity for investors to grab with both hands, where the rewards can be unlimited…

“The usual excuse of the young is that they don’t have enough experience or capital. A lot of people say they’ve got this great idea, and “if only I had the capital” they’d go out and do it. Usually this is a fantasy. It’s just an excuse for not confronting their fear of failing” –Felix Dennis

You see, out of the 100,000 plus people we have personally trained at Live paid Events, and the 120,000 who subscribe to our newsletter, the single BIGGEST objection was still that ol’ Chestnut:


Rob was using that poor excuse for 27 years; exactly the reason why he never had any.

(Can You relate?)

That’s why Rob took to the stage, revealing 10 new finance raising strategies for Your property ventures which included leveraging, other people’s money, other people’s time, portals, inspiration and perspiration, commitment and desire to attract money.

(It wasn’t as difficult as You may have long as You knew where to look)

One of the most popular sites was crowdfunding, although still in its infancy, it’s a means of raising money for Your Property business by the the fact that Your project is funded by the public using their own personal funds.

The benefits included You could:

Raise more than Your target amount

No maximum target

No rigorous conditions or ‘grilling’ or ‘computer saying no’

“People will surprise themselves at how much money they can raise. There are a lot of vendors who are willing to take a risk on You — if you are totally up front with them and as long as they don’t risk too much. That’s the way I did it.” Another quote by Felix Dennis.

Why don’t You go ahead and “surprise” Yourself and learn the other 9 new JV finance raising strategies that will excel Your property business, and leave the “fantasy” to amateur investors…

Call our team on 01733 898557 for full details of the last ever *limited* PPSC CD set

The underside of an industry: Ex-estate agent comes clean..

Believe it or not, ex-estate agent Simon Grace and Beckie Cooper exposed a number unethical practices used by estate agents and demonstrated how partnering with local types of agents could secure You the juicy, underhand, bottom drawer deals…(yes they do exist..)

The message was simple: choose Your individual estate agent wisely. You are looking for experience, great negotiation skills, and drive [‘Wheeler-Dealer’ – though not always]. This is difficult to determine before You have spoken to them so they recommended targeting the busier individuals (they are busy for a reason). If that agent also holds power within their office then they can also offer You ‘protection’ from other buyers. Browsing through the window display would be a good way of checking the dynamics of the agents within [who owns the ‘hot desk,’ who is at the front and the back]

Initially book 2-5 viewings on the first visit to show that You’re motivated [10 makes you seem like you don’t know anything, none and You’ll be viewed as a ‘procrastinator’]. You would do well to ask the agent to recommend a property to view [Law of ‘reciprocation’]. Explain to the agent why these properties are of interest [Law of ‘Authority’] and be constructive of those properties You are not interested in.

They explained NOT cancel these initial viewings or be late – start as you mean to go on, or You will quickly find yourself being a ‘binner’

In all, this was a very refreshing talk on various ways to position Yourself & leveraging one of the best assets in Your property business.

Where else can You employ someone for (virtually) free, to source you cashflowing assets without huge time input yourself, with fees paid by someone else (the vendor) and which can make You a couple-a hundred quid a month compounding net Cashflow, £20k plus locked in equity (plus a 25% plus ‘insurance policy’ against dropping prices), plus future passive rental and capital growth?

Next we had Simon Zutshi deliver a fantastic keynote on Making Money with bigger deals. The upside with bigger units was the time invested amounted to the same work as normal ‘vanilla’ deals, it added an extra zero to the end profit, could be done very much part time, and there were plenty of these freehold opportunities around the country..

These were where multiple flats were on one title, and where the owner didn’t necessarily have planning permission and or have money to split the title, do a refurb and create separate leases.

This meant the collective value of the flats, once titles had been split, were worth significantly more than the value of the property on one title. Effective you could pay market value, and create a substantial uplift often leaving no money left in the deal!

Regarded as one of the first to shatter the glass ceiling for women in UK business, she’s definitely a corporate trendsetter and football business heavyweight!

To end a fantastic first day, a BIG heartfelt congratulations goes to all of You our community who by attending the property Super Conference contributed to a worthy cause..

We are genuinely proud to have raised over £22K for Sue Ryder. So humbled and what a great job – thank You.

Together, according to Jackie from Sue Ryder we are improving the quality of life for those living with, or affected by, a serious illness..(Wow..we were blown away!)

Take a quick look at this letter I received on Monday after the #Superconference . It’s what You helped achieve:

Thank You. YOU made the PPSC amazing.

Here You can join the online Progressive Community:

Here You can download the Progressive training manuals, dates and details:

Progressive Course Brochure (PDF)

Progressive Property Course Dates 2013 (PDF)

Progressive Property Superconference Offers (PDF)

Please do read them.

And then call our very helpful team on:

01733 898557 for a chat.

Speak to Adam, Ellie, or Stephanie.

Don’t leave it too late – just find out what Your options are.

Here’s just a snippet of what You have helped inspire:

Rob Moore & Mark Homer
Co-Founders of the Progressive Companies
Full Time Property Investors
Double Best Selling Property Authors
Over 350 Properties Bought & Sold

Rob & Mark

Rob & Mark

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