Neville Wright – The £100M Man: ‘From School-Failure To Multi-millionaire’

• Neville Wright, the man who bought his first house at 16, grew up ‘totally dyslexic’, not knowing how to spell his own name, leaving school at 15, made redundant , having no money, to selling one his businesses to retail super giant Morrison’s for £70M pounds.

• By the age of 34 he was a millionaire and could have retired. In fact, it would have been a fatal mistake to stop at that point! But knowing he had no money, no education and no experience to succeed in life, he now wants to encourage & motivate You to succeed.

• He graduated from the school of hard knocks and says this on Success: ‘If I can do it, anyone can, no matter what their circumstances are’

• Growing up in Peterborough, Neville had an entrepreneurial streak from a young age, from being a milk boy, a newspaper boy, a butchers boy, flower delivery boy, plus gardening for people and many more jobs whilst still in school often sacrificing youthful activities like football in a quest to overcome his dyslexia and being successful.

• Although Neville has had many successes and failures along the way, it wasn’t always easy. If Neville was ever put in a situation where he was asked to read or write, in the presence of public, work situations, or even friends and family, he would quickly take off his glasses and would say ‘sorry I forgot my glasses’, or he would find something far more important to do to get out of the way.

• “The best thing about the business was the way it brought the family together” . Although one day he knew he would go into business, the idea of not being able to read or write terrified him, but with one of the biggest government cuts looming between 1972-1976, he wanted his family to be secure and he realised he could not rely on the state for providing them with every day needs, so the idea of going down the self sufficient route became one of entrepreneurial survival in life.

• Fast forward to present day, he doesn’t think about making money, ‘this follows when you do the right job’, he loves listening and reading personal development audios & guides such as Zig Ziglar and Napoleon Hill, has a passion for teaching in schools on how to deal with bullies and why You can succeed with dyslexia, he has a multi-million pound residential commercial property portfolio (& still growing) with a number of high end new build sites through his development company Heidi Estates, started a string of new businesses including a paperless receipts business and is now worth in excess of £100M +

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Rob & Mark

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