Definitely Not Your Average Wag

She might be a footballer’s wife, but Karen Brady’s fame and fortune are entirely her own doing

Karren Brady walked onto the stage of Wembley Stadium on Saturday night fully aware of the task at hand.

It was her job to paint herself as a role model and a leader with a vision for the women (& men) entrepreneurs of the country.

She passed with flying colours – a black and white Victoria Beckham to be exact (and a Chanel bag which will set Rob & Mark back £1,500 each..!)

Asked in the executive box backstage what her number one tip for success was, she replied sharply with her silver edged tongue, “I have a lot of enthusiasm, I’m a very determined person, I’m a very hard worker, I’m very methodical and logical. I think all those things are important in business.”

Her attitude to money was simple:

“Work hard for it, save it, and don’t risk it on get-rich-quick schemes – they don’t work”

So if You meet someone who is selling You a property with a million percent equity, no money down, where you have to use 3 solicitors Rodney and You get a bad feeling –go with it. Your instincts are usually right. Don’t let what looks like a deal of the century override Your instincts.

If it sounds too good to be true – then it’s probably best to avoid it.

One of the best things about Karren You quickly learned was, she was absolutely focused and had an enormous amount of integrity and wanted to be the very best.

(so it’s a serious process..)

The toughest aspect of success was that You have to keep on going. And that takes a lot of ambition and a lot of pride.

Her best investment was obviously Birmingham City Football Club. It was bought for £1 million and sold for £82 million, which is pretty good darn business if you ask me!

This is something which You can apply in your property business: look for a property which the masses miss or are simply put off by, add value through refurbishing or fixing a defect in the title and re-selling for a profit.

As Mark constantly says “Getting a great deal is looking at what everyone else sees and seeing what everyone else misses”

Her advice to women entrepreneurs was not to set up “kitchen table” businesses. They shouldn’t let the fear of working in a corporate structure hold them back.

She explained she was once challenged working in a male dominated work force where she abruptly replied:

“You might have a dick but I’ve got great big balls” – so men watch out!

Her takeaway lessons from the Property SuperConference were:

• You can’t make a great quality business without great quality staff

• There are people that make things happen, there are those that watch what happens and there are those that wonder what happens..(which one are You?)

• Great businesses are those that grab hold of new and better ways as soon as they are available

• The 5 most important words in the English language. “What’s in it for me?”

• Successful managers find out what’s wrong with their business before their competitors do

• Ambition. No one ever started anything without ambition

• Unsuccessful talented people are very common. Persistence triumphs over all

• Nothing compensates for the hours that You put into work

• How can You use your skill, energy and determination to get up the ladder?

• Nothing’s work unless You’d rather been doing something else

• You’re ambition comes when You find out what You’re good at

• The minute You think You know it all is the minute You find out that You know nothing. You have to commit to lifelong learning (Education. Decision. Action..)

• There is great responsibility that comes with success

• There’s a wonderful fine line between aspiring and envy. Aspiring is a wonderful attribute and envy isn’t

• A failure is only a failure if it stops You doing what You want to do

Lord Sugar’s right-hand woman’s rules for business and success could be summed up in just 10 words: Ambition, determination, courage, charm, hard work, attitude, humour, confidence, focus and communication.

Definitely not Your average Wag.

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