Coming Off The Heels Of The First Night

There’s nothing better than seeing the setup of Wembley stadium before being swept away by the anticipated keynotes…

There is also no such thing as a great show that doesn’t have some sort of hype surrounding it prior to the event…

Coming off the heels of the first night, there were a lot of mixed reactions to the property show as a whole.

The Property Super Conference was built to be an epic event, and at the end of the first night, it lived up to the hype by the tremendous amount of value and inspiration given by all of the speakers.

But wait.

What’s one of the biggest complaints heard around the property blogosphere about big property events?

It’s too predictable. It’s the same old stuff.

Well, the Property Super Conference decided to throw everybody a curve ball with the opening auction interview by Mark Homer.

What better way to make people start paying attention than having one of their higher profile speaker’s talk about gaining an unfair advantage at property auctions?

Such as looking at opportunities in your local goldmine district, cherry picking the properties where others are simply put off by, and identifying common pitfalls such as being clear on the imperatives of not buying on a whim or being caught up in the hype once a property was identified.

This interview was refreshing as it gave an insight into one of Mark’s passions culminating into one of the most compelling residential auction talks, which can only come from years of experience.

Judging by the response, this talk certainly lived up to the audience’s expectations and standard.

Next we had Stephanie Hale keynote about writing ‘A Bestselling Book in 28 Days, Attracting thousands of new clients for your expertise’.

You see, a number of our property community are either writing or plan to soon be, writing their first book.

We were in their shoes a few years ago, plowing through writes, rewrites and edits, putting thoughts on paper and hoping someone out there would think the topic was interesting enough to plop down £16 for a book about it…

This may surprise a few people, but the thought process about publishing our books wasn’t for the money of the sales (unless you’re Stephen King of course..) We wrote and published our books for credibility. That credibility has allowed us to build a brand and charge more for what we did before

Stephanie learned some valuable lessons along her journey and one of her key points was, the simple stuff works:

• Ensure Your book title is catchy – it takes 8-12 seconds for reader to decide if they want to make a purchase
• 74% of purchases are based on the cover design
• Split test titles to see what sells best
• Addressing someone directly in the title is important
• If you have a book that isn’t selling, rebrand/retitle and Your sales can increase

We were quickly reminded that writing a book was so much easier when You approached it in small bites. As soon as you got the essential parts written you would be able to start asking more specific questions that became your new chapter headings.

A creative and productive writing keynote, which can also be applied to blogging, writing an article, a report, a thesis, or the next best selling property bible 😉

Next we had Jamie Madill and Rob Moore – top industry professionals demonstrating how to best drive a brand and how to inspire creativity when thinking about ways to market your product or service.

They discussed thriving branding strategies implemented by large corporations and smaller, start-up businesses which could be related to Your property business.

The right trick was to find the right combination between the strategy and tactics and then applying them consistently throughout everything you did by attracting clients & JV partners by building and systemising your property event.

This presentation inspired you to think differently when You were trying to create a consumer culture around your property product which armed You with the tools necessary to think about branding in regards to implementing brand awareness.

Next we had Mark Homer and Neville Wright talking about running a property business with multiple streams of income.

We all know there’s potentially a lot of money in property; a fast-paced, highly profitable industry that attracts many ambitious entrepreneurs every year. There is significant money to be made, although you must be very disciplined and shrewd to do so.

Find out what works with your flow, then focus on that business. Go deep not wide” – Mark Homer

They both explained how property entrepreneurs who like more freedom to express their creativity are also drawn to property development, as are those who aren’t ready to give up their day jobs. It’s possible to become a part-time property investor although the turnaround time per property will be increased, particularly if you plan to actively take part in the renovations.

Mark went on to state one of the best skills needed was a fantastic head for figures [easy for a spreadsheet geek guy] and a shrewd knowledge of your local property market s which were absolutely essential. Property investment is very cash-intensive and you’ll need to be confident financially in order to maximise returns. Making poor investments can quickly sink a start-up, so you’ll need to start small and build your capital by making low-risk investments or joint venturing.

Neville Wright, who bought his first property in 1966, and who now invests in 16 businesses, has £100M of assets paid and has a property portfolio worth £40M, stated “Start looking after yourself and don’t rely on the government”, and “being wealthy is only a by-product of doing something well”.

He stressed the importance of having multiple business partners, “when one is down, the other can pick you up and offer solutions to your problems“.

Follow your heart and do what you are passionate about” – Neville Wright

They both unequivocally stated building a mix between residential and commercial properties in the right areas, would provide valuable income, and you should always provide excellent service to tenants, refurb contractors or anyone who is helping you maintain your asset and giving you an opportunity to keep their business.

Next we had Simon Coulson’s professional keynote on using the internet to grow your property business.

This talk laid the foundation for a practical understanding of the key components of internet marketing enabling highly targeted, cost effective solution which simply didn’t exist before.

Coulson’s expertise and enthusiasm lead the audience to actionable take-aways that any property business could use to enhance its internet marketing campaigns, while also helping to improve customer relationship building via the Web.

When the going gets tough it pays to talk lease options…

If You were tired and exhausted from dealing with inflexible banks then you were not alone.

Trevor Cutmore explained with the banks and traditional lending still tightening their belts (despite the Funding for Lending Scheme) many investors were utilising different variations of lease options to take control and make significant profits from property they didn’t even own.

For the landlord, there will be lingering fears or high motivation of ‘handing the keys back’ which will provide a golden opportunity for the investor to align a tenant or tenant buyer to take over the lease and reflect current market conditions for mass profit.

Simon went on to explain how any company that wants to attract and retain customers needs to be mapping out and implementing an effective internet marketing strategy.

It was a well-rehearsed strategy of taking control over a property you didn’t need to buy and having an “exit strategy” in place, thereby creating a reverse BMV purchase in years to come but making significant income in the meantime.

With sensible negotiation, you’d be surprised how accommodating a landlord discussion could be, giving all parties a wonderful opportunity of having a slice of the cake and making it a win-win situation.

Next we had Karl Spencer keynote about the benefits of being a financially leveraged property investor.

You see, You may not want to be a full time Property investor yourself, doing 60 hours per week, like we have passionately for many years.

You might hit hurdles or feel you don’t have the relevant experience. You might not be interested in investing the time to get that experience.

You may not want to do refurbs, remortgages, arrange surveys and manage surveyors, you may not want to deal with solicitors, brokers and Agents, You may not want to manage the numbers.

The benefits of the leveraged model were the long term cash flow and the creation of your life of choice, for property investors who wanted the baby not the labour pains with minimum fuss.

An unprecedented leveraged model with complete peace of mind

This was a fascinating talk which really drilled in the benefits for busy people who wanted to leverage their time and money and didn’t want another full time job, yet wanted all the upsides of property investment.

The tried and tested property buying model gives clients complete confidence in high quality income producing assets at a guaranteed discount, which has taken us many years to refine and perfect.

If property was your passion and you had time to burn then you should consider giving it a go. If you wanted a passive investment (and that is a choice you want to make with our help) then we would be honoured to help you.

Karl would be happy to discuss your questions:

Direct dial: 01733 898557 or email: [email protected]

Lastly, the audience was very much behind the entertainment and the legendary Frank Bruno interview – we all knew it was going to be a very good night!

Frank told the property super conference audience about some of the challenges he’s had with his mental health and what he does to stay on top of his condition.

His message was to fight back, not to give up and to do your best to inspire others. We thought that was a really strong message.

When Neville Wright joined Frank on stage, the two of them along with Rob had a really good chemistry and we thought that added a lot to the entertainment value of the evening.

Frank stayed a long, long time & must have posed for hundreds of photos with our VIP community.

Here are the highlights of his talk at the PPSC.

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