Anything but “Bonkers Bruno”

Frank Bruno, the larger than life personality – the gentle giant, came to share his story on Sunday with You at the #PropertySuperconference and to talk about his demons, his victories, his life experiences – and to pass these stories on, not as a man on a pedestal, not holding himself up as an example of how to live, but to share a very real, very powerful, human story that profoundly affected everyone who heard it.

I’m sure You would agree it was very candid and moving (and his laughter was infectious right)?

You see, most of us are aware of Frank Bruno. We know of his spectacular rise to stardom as a boxing champion.

You also know how he lost it all when his personal life was unravelled due to personal problems.

The media has covered much of Bruno’s struggles from his failed marriages to drugs and a whole host of public embarrassments (it seemed like Frank would never get out of the deep dark pit he was in…)

But Yet today at the ripe of 51 (and from interviewing him on stage…) Frank is a changed man.

He has tasted almost all that life has to offer. He has known poverty and wealth, success and failure, love and loss.

I mean how many of us can make a comeback after losing everything we have? I totally respected Frank Bruno (even more after the Super Conference) for his ability to overcoming his demons, live with all his public embarrassments and the problems of that his past actions and choices caused.

He told me and Mark backstage that he has to personally live with the fact he got some of his priorities wrong, but yet he doesn’t sit around wallowing in self pity. He’s accepted these facts and makes an effort to right his life, and if he has the guts to turn things around at his age, then it’s never too late for You or for anyone.

One of the things I admired while I was interviewing Frank was his heroic effort to keep himself in check.

Sure he had to turn to boxing because he couldn’t read or write (a damn good underdog story if you ask me) but what he lacked in intelligence, he sure made up with ability, talent, determination, and heart:

· Intelligence to defeat more talented fighters by outsmarting them

· Determination to get up after being knocked down (not just in the boxing ring..) and having

· Heart to truly believe he could go from a nobody to heavyweight champion of the world with enough hard work

As Frank put it:

“There’s no easy way to success, it takes hard work, early mornings and late nights”

There’s just something awesome about a simple guy from humble beginnings who goes onto accomplish greatness.

Although his inner struggles still plague him, Frank is making a persistent effort to turn his life around this time for good. Considering all that the man has been through and continues to struggle against, I cannot help but be moved and inspired by his determination…

Now here’s what I want You to do if you’ve suffered a temporary setback:

I want you to be the next big thing, because I truly believe You can turn your life around and inspire others.

Whether you become a inspiration for just your friends, your family, or for hundreds of thousands of people, the property community as a whole, or just to prove the naysayers wrong, if your story can motivate just one person to make a change and get up after a temporary knockout, then you’re a hero in my book.

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We’re here to help You.

And thank You for your time in reading this blog post, it really means a lot

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So many successful stories have been written… new & old investors re-invented, lives transformed, and futures secured for thousands of ‘ordinary people’


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Once again, thank You for being a part of history and taking massive action

P.P.S – I want to make an impact on as many lives as possible by helping You become something bigger. I want to help facilitate a ‘kick-ass’ (Frank’s words..) community of awesome people & investors improving their lives, helping one another, and inspiring others to follow in their footsteps.

Please tell and share Your story below, I can’t wait to hear about it.

So who wants to play some Punch-Out!!? 🙂

Rob Moore & Mark Homer
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Rob & Mark

Rob & Mark

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