Progressive Property helps you achieve your financial goals and vision using innovative Property Investing strategies in the new financial climate, with a personal touch never experienced in the Property Industry before.

Progressive was founded in 2006/7, accidentally, by Rob Moore & Mark Homer, 2 young and dynamic Property Multi-Millionaires who are very different.

You see, Rob & Mark never actually intended to build the largest Property Investor community in the UK, they certainly never planned to train over 100,000 people or have over 150,000 people subscribing to their Property Newsletter all over the world.

Because none of this existed in 2006, they simply wanted to buy Property for themselves and their families, with big discounts & cashflow, and retire before 30.

They did. And got bored.

And Mark didn’t even want to tell anyone, even when he was buying 10 discounted properties per month with other people’s money.

But 350 properties 5 years later, the best selling property books in the UK, bought in 35 countries, the 2 biggest UK Property Events of the last 2 years with guest fellow Entrepreneurs James Caan & Lord Alan Sugar, and a total Joint Venture portfolio of over £25Million..

It no longer became just about them. It became about helping people like you achieve the same.

The media went crazy about Progressive too – trying to prove that you couldn’t make money in the recession: The Independent, The Wall St journal, The FT, the BBC and Channel 4 all challenged Rob & Mark, but the proof is undeniable.

Now with more previously ordinary people trained and now financially free than any other Property company in the UK, Progressive’s vision to help you invest for freedom, choice and profit, is gathering huge momentum, and you can get your piece.

Progressive have 25 team members to help you, almost 100 passive investors having complete portfolios built for them, almost 200 VIP inner circle members generating mostly between £3,000 – £7,000 NET cashflow per month from their portfolios, 1,500 online community members, 50,000 Progressive book readers and 150,000 subscribers to the Progressive Newsletter.

Progressive have made themselves and previously ordinary people Millions, and because Mark’s Dad died of Cancer in 2003, have given much of it back to Cancer Research.

Rob & Mark:

As you will discover, Rob & Mark are two very different people. Rob has the personality and commitment to action, Mark has the spreadsheets and the brains. They are self professed Property and business geeks, have similar interests such as racing their Ferrari’s, flying the Helicopter, reading, running and spending time with friends, family and inspirational people.

It is this combination that has made them successful in their partnership, through the growing and falling Property markets where others have struggled.

Founding Partner: Rob Moore

Rob is a self made Property Investor, businessman & public speaker, co-owning a £Multi-Million Property and business portfolio with Mark. He set up Progressive Property with just £300 in 2006/7, & co-authored the UK’s 2 Best selling Property Books: “The 44 Most Closely Guarded Property Secrets” & “Make Cash in a Property Market Crash”.

Rob went from struggling artist £30K in credit card debt at the age of 27, to financially free by the age of 29, and a Property Multi-Millionaire by 31.

And he still thinks he is nothing special [Mark agrees!]. He believes his success is down to the Property system that he and Mark have pioneered over 12,500 hours, and not degrees, diplomas or life long study, and is out to prove to you that you can do it too.

He is a highly sought after speaker on business, Property & personal development, having presented to over 100,000 people at paid Property conferences. Rob has had guest speakers Lord Alan Sugar and James Caan speak at his events & featured in a prime time TV show for Living as a Mentor, on Channel 4, the BBC, The Independent and The Business Channel.

His taste in shirts divides opinion, his shoes upset stuffy businessmen, but he is commonly regarded as the best Property speaker in the UK, getting more people to take action and get results than anyone else.

Rob’s mantra: “If you don’t risk anything, you risk everything.”

For Rob’s full Bio click Rob Moore

Founding Partner: Mark Homer

Mark has bought over 350 properties [& counting] for himself, Rob, his family & his investors since 2003. He has commented and been referenced in almost all major publications including BBC Radio, The Independent, the FT, The Wall Street journal, as well as co-authoring the UK’s 2 Best Selling Property Books.

Mark quit corporate life in 2006 where he saw a long road to quiet desperation, giving up a good job that was above average pay to be a full time investor.

Mark is a paranoid spreadsheet geek and an analyst. Giving up a good career was a big decision for him, he is a bit of a recluse but he makes up for it in finance. He’s been an Investor/Entrepreneur since the age of 15, has saved and invested considerable sums over a 17 year compounded period, and has had several successful small businesses and investments in every asset class.

He was obsessed and sleep deprived on finding the very best investment vehicle and at the end of 2007 his joint portfolio with Rob produced more profit than any of his other investments combined.

Mark’s mantra: “Focus like a laser on one thing and be the best at it, it’s the only way to get rich.”

For Mark’s full Bio click Mark Homer


Giving back. We hear these familiar words very often.

Having had such abundant success, Rob & Mark had long been looking for ways to give back. Cancer Research UK is a charity which has had a significant impact on Rob & Mark’s lives with close relatives being affected by the illness.

Philanthropy doesn’t have to come in terms of millions, thousands or even hundreds. The amount isn’t what’s important; it’s the act itself.

This is why over the last few years, Rob & Mark have supported such a great cause, to step up and reach out to make a difference.

Cancer Research & other charities are worthy causes to help those who might otherwise go without.

We realise money is tight for many of us this time of year, but donations don’t always have to be monetary.

Try giving your time, if you have nothing else.

Any donation, no matter how big or small, is greatly appreciated and rewarded by the knowledge that you’ve made a difference in someone’s life.

Remember, ’tis better to give than to receive.

Progressive Property SuperConference 2010 Charity Cheque

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Progressive Property SuperConference 2011 Charity Cheque

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Progressive Property SuperConference 2012 Charity Cheque

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