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Dear Investor,

When Mark’s father got cancer, and the cancer spread throughout his whole body, Mark never believed he’d become a property investor, or multi-millionaire, or be able to host the UK’s biggest Property Event, the Property SuperConference.

That reality seemed so far away, working as a glorified butcher for a meat company.

He didn’t believe not because he could lose his father, not even because of the grievance, and not even because he was in a dead-end job with no prospects…

But because he didn’t know HOW to do it. He didn’t have the knowledge. Even though the dead end job and the impending death of his father were painful, he just didn’t know HOW to turn it around.

Maybe you can relate to this?

Maybe you know you are destined for more, you believe you are worth more, maybe you are even working harder and harder, but more just doesn’t seem to come your way?

When Mark met Rob in 2005 and they stumbled on a simple property investing system [that cost them £4,997 and a few hundred thousand to develop and master], things started to change, and FAST.

Fast forward to now, and that simple property investing SYSTEM has brought Rob & Mark over 350 properties, 5 businesses turning over many £millions, Ferrari’s, helicopter piloting, families, love, free time and holidays, and it has NOTHING to do with their LUCK or anything SPECIAL about them…

[In fact Rob is well known for hating detail and Mark for being a social recluse]

But it has EVERYTHING to do with this SYSTEM.

And Rob and Mark have packaged this proven, simple to use property investing cashflow SYSTEM [well around 16 systems], into ONE main event…

That one main Event was the LAST EVER Property SuperConference – 2013, and for a limited time, you can take EVERYTHING, all the SYSTEMS, in one set, for less than 0.1% of what they paid to learn and develop it.

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Since learning and developing proven property cashflow systems that are in the CD set, Rob & Mark have been fortunate enough to work with some of the wealthiest and most successful investor Entrepreneurs in the UK –

You probably want to know exactly what is on this huge Property SuperConference CD pack – here are the full contents, CD by CD

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Over 20 CDs Packed With Cashflow-Generating Strategies, including…
Mark Homer
The Latest Urgent Economic Update for Investors

• Important recent Economic changes
• Why the US is on the turn & what it means in the UK
• The Mortgage market eases. So what?

Rob Moore & Peter Iwaniszewski
9 *Brand New* Joint Venture & Finance Raising Hubs

• 9 New Portals to Raise Finance on Your Terms Without Greedy Partners
• Live on screen Demo’s & walk-throughs
• The Previously Unreleased *Glitter* Model – the exact ‘How-to’ of raising more of other people’s money

Iain Wallis
Legally keep More Of Your Property Income

• How to get 100% deduction for your repair bills
• How to pay Inheritance Tax @ 8% not 40%
• How to pay Stamp Duty Land Tax @ 50% of the published rate on purchases over £400,000

Simon Zutshi
How to make more money in less time with big deals!

• How to find profitable big deals in your area
• How to structure a deal using other investors money
• How to minimise the risks of big deals

Rob Moore & Mark I’anson
How to Build a Job Replacing Property Business in 30-90 Days from Today

• Create a sustainable brand & business selling on deals you don’t want or can’t buy
• The Progressive Deal Packaging & Trading Cashflow Matrix
• Where & how to find willing, qualified customers & JV partners

Lauren Ratcliffe
Property Millionaires are Using Social Media to increase their bank balance, NOT to chat. Are You?

• Make £6,957 a week in just 15 minutes a day using Social Media!
• Learn how to earn a Guaranteed 6 figure income, in just 15 minutes a day using Social Media!
• Social Media Making the Hard Yards Easier For You!

Rob Moore
THE Most Important Property Investing Fundamental – How to Dominate Your Local Area In 7 Steps
Mark Homer
Commercial Finance & Property
Peter Hogan
How To Claim Unwanted Property For Free

• Want to know how a tramp named Harry Hallows acquired a £4m mansion in North London completely free?
• Want to know how I acquired approximately £15m worth of land in 2012 alone?
• All free and completely legal!

Rob Moore, Jim Haliburton, & Special Guests
Multi Let Without the Sweat Cashflow

• The 4×4 HMO Cashflow Formula
• How to JV on HMO’s to make them No Money In -Multi Let Without the Sweat – High Income HMO’s Without
• Deposits -Live interviews with 3 *Next Door* UK Cashflow Experts

Beckie Cooper & Simon Grace
Partnering & JV’ing with Local Estate Agents – Build Your Cashflowing, Equity Heavy Property Empire Almost for Free

• How to Ethically pull in the biggest discounts & desperate sellers for Free before they hit the window
• Get the pick of the Repossessions & build a constant deal flow without wasting money on ‘Marketing’
• The techniques to be positioned as the ‘Top Dog’ investor of choice, even if you’re a beginner

Daniel Wagner & Mark Homer
The Auction Profit System – How To Gain An Unfair Advantage At Property Auctions

• How to Create £100k+ Cashflow from Un-Mortgageable Properties Systematically
• The Single Resource You Must Use to Get the Best Leads Sent Directly to Your Inbox – on Autopilot
• How to Use a Simple Spreadsheet and Free Information to Accurately Predict your Profits and Avoid Buying a Kipper

Rob Moore & Jamie Madill
Your Expert Brand, Your Property Event

• How to build your own local, systemised property event
• How to earn 5 Figures a year on one evening a month
• The C.U.S.T.O.M.E.R Property Event Income System

Stephanie Hale
How To Write A Bestselling Book in 28 Days… And Attract Thousands Of New Clients Hungry For Your Expertise

• How to write your book in 28 days or less
• How to write your book in just one hour per day fitted around your existing commitments
• How to get your book on to the bestseller list… guaranteed

Rob Moore
Undercover & Low Cost ‘Guerilla’ Deal Sourcing

• Virtually Free ways to Source Discounted Deals
• Get direct access to motivated & distressed sellers
• Data & results shared of a £10M marketing spend

Mark Homer
Multiple Streams of Property Business Income

• Building Robust Property Business Models in tough economic times
• The Progressive *Property Related Business* Income Models Exposed
• How to endure crashes & recessions to build a lasting, saleable 7-9 Figure Business

Simon Coulson
How to use the internet to grow your property business in 2013

• The essential 3 components to making money online
• How using the Internet you can DOUBLE your business in 6 months or less
• How to leverage the power of social media

Rob Moore
New & Experienced Successful Property Investors’ Live Grilling

• Live ‘No Holds Barred’ Candid Interviews from New & Experienced Progressive Investors
• Ask your Questions Live & unedited in an Intimate Environment
• Over £50M of Property Bought by the Interviewees

Trevor Cutmore
No Money Down Cashflow Control

• Control Cash Income of properties without mortgages or deposits
• How to Build faster bigger portfolios with less interest rate and downturn risk
• Structure, package and turn most dying deals into recurring income

Rob & Special Guest VIP
The Progressive 70-20-10 Strategy

• Control Cash Income of properties without mortgages or deposits
• How to Build faster bigger portfolios with less interest rate and downturn risk
• Structure, package and turn most dying deals into recurring income

Yvonne Emery
From Mould To Gold In 6 Weeks Or Less

• Don’t run away from the difficult projects, learn to smell the money
• No holds barred on how to charge Joint Venture partners
• Brand new secret revealed on how to do flips with no deposit, no mortgage and none of your own money

Karl Spencer
Handsfree Investing, The Baby Without The Labour Pains

• How to be a leveraged Handsfree property cash flowing investor
• Handsoff Investing strategies for busy people with money to invest but concerned about risk
• How to decide which JV partner, sourcer, packager & portfolio building company to align with

Frank Bruno & Neville Wright
An evening spar with Frank Bruno and Neville Wright

• Why & how Frank Bruno can help investors & Entrepreneurs grow their business
• Candid Q&A and a surprising revelation
• Battle of the Heavyweights with a £100M Investor

Previous Property SuperConferences have changed the lives of thousands of people…

…and many professionals in the property industry started their career from a Property SuperConference.

One couple even come back each year to celebrate their wedding anniversary there, and Rob had his first son on the last evening of the 2011 Property SupercConference.

You will NEVER be able to come to the event, the 2013 PPSC was the last ever, but you can have EXACTLY the same content, impact, knowledge and life changing education that Beckie & Martin, Iain and thousands of others in the Progressive Community have had, for a fraction of the cost, for a very limited time.

The PPSC has changed the lives of so many; financially, from a time and family perspective, even from an emotional and wellbeing perspective. Will you let it help you in the same way now?

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And if you’re still not convinced, and don’t believe a word we are saying, here are just a few of the comments we had from the 2013 PPSC below…

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Amazing right?

We really want to help you to your property and cashflow goals…

…and because we know that once you get started, or take the next step, or just make that decision and take that leap of faith, you’ll NEVER look back.

Your results, once you’ve plugged yourself in and taken ACTION, will amaze you. You will NOT get rich super quick, but you’ll get rich as quick as is humanly possible with the right KNOWLEDGE and SYSTEM. Both are right here on the other side of this page for You now.

Invest for Freedom, Choice & Profit

Rob Moore & Mark Homer

Full time property cashflow investors
Over 350 properties bought and sold since 2005
Co-Founders of the Progressive group & the Property SuperConference
Here to help YOU to your property and cashflow goals

P.S – The last ever Property SuperConference has gone – but the 16 CD set can be yours at an 80% discount on the full ticket price. But only for…

P.P.S – Where else can you get over 30 hours of honest, uncut, underground, specific, non-salesy property and cashflow education for**Less than £10 a CD!!**

…or call our lovely Progressive team [real people] on 01733 898557