The Biggest Property JV Property networking Opportunity of 2013…

If You’ve ever wanted to know how to build multiple and passive income streams using the most cutting edge contrarian investing property strategies, then read on…

The annual Property Super conference is the vehicle for taking your property investing strategies to the next level. This 2-day Property investment extravaganza provides a range of more strategies, techniques and systems for investing in the property world in 2013 than you’ve ever heard before!

Come and experience the biggest UK Specific Property leading investing event. Over 1000 plus industry professionals attend the PPSC each year – no other property training event in the UK attracts such a large percentage of the total industry population.

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Now in its 4th year, the PPSC is THE biggest independent Property specific training conference in the UK

This conference is an absolute MUST for anyone who’s an active investor in UK property wanting to move their property investing career to the next level and continue their learning experiences.

The Property Super-Conference will prove an amazing resource to you whether you are starting out in the industry or have many years experience behind you. All of us can be inspired to improve and grow and our amazing property speaker line-ups and considered program designs are there to take you forward.

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These are the Halcyon Days [For the Contrarian Brigade]

We are so excited about the Year ahead. Not because I have 100% confidence the economy will provide the perfect contrarian opportunity for smart, switched property investors like yourself, but because it doesn’t really matter what the economy does.

Great entrepreneurs like You & great businesses will grow massively this year irrespective of what happens with the economy.

As Sir Bob Geldof, (guest keynote speaker at PPSC2012) stated “Don’t turn inward. Don’t be scared of the future. All change comes from unreasonable people. Look at it cold-eyed and try to create a new world, with your values…

If you don’t LIKE CHANGE you’re gonna like extinction even less!

Great entrepreneurs like You & great businesses will grow massively this year irrespective of what happens with the economy.

As Sir Bob Geldof, (guest keynote speaker at PPSC2012) stated “Don’t turn inward. Don’t be scared of the future. All change comes from unreasonable people. Look at it cold-eyed and try to create a new world, with your values..”

The Agenda & Line up for the Property Super Conference 2013

The Property Super Conference 2012 with Sir Bob Geldof LIVE sold out 900 tickets in just Days

And in 2013 we are going EVEN BIGGER…

in attending the Property Super Conference you will learn, gain access to and benefit from:

Brand new Cash flow JV Strategies for 2013
The Latest No mortgage, No Deposit Innovation: just think, that is no cash needed and no need to go through any mortgage application
The UK’s Biggest Property Event for JV’s & Private Finance: we have created a qualified audience of like-minded Investors all in one place – PPSC 2013
The Biggest Property Networking Opportunity of 2013

Why go to small networking events when you could be at the biggest with more JV partners?

14 reasons to attend PPSC 2013…

1. Uncover new & latest investing opportunities as you hear keynotes share their ideas

2. Experience enhanced personal growth and development from our unparalleled property speaker line-ups

3. Keep up to date with regular updates on our changing but opportunistic property market

4. Be inspired and utilise that as your catalyst for growth and for taking action

5. Learn new skills & techniques to grow and run your own property business

6. See displays of the latest products & services

7. Meet amazing people and network with 1000 potential JV partners & investors

8. Provide yourself the Opportunity away from your normal routine to learn & discover how you can lift the bar even higher

9. NETWORKING OPPORTUNITIES with some of the UK’s best-known Property Investors – make lifelong friends & mentors

10. Stay in touch with latest property industry innovations

11. Most up to date Cash flow investing strategies for 2013 – (3 Stages, choose Your talks)

12. New Contrarian JV Finance raising strategies that will totally blow your mind AND

13. TWO FULL DAYS of intensive training from the UK’s leading property experts

14. UNRESTRICTED ACCESS to our private and closed Facebook group including live discussions, monthly interviews and exclusive offers & updates

7 Steps to get the most of PPSC 2013…

1. Prepare in advance. Establish what skills & strategies you want to get from the PPSC13 & arrive with a clear set of take-aways. Remember, preparation is free!

2. Don’t just turn up, fully engage! Play full out & commit that you will be an active participant over the two days.

3. Get networking. Meet people, JV partners & other investors. Share ideas. Swap business cards. Even with the amazing on-stage learning you’ll get, you will get just as much talking to other delegates.

4. Allow time to create an implementation strategy after the event. Follow up with your contacts. You will need at least two hours (within 48 hours of the event) to decide what changes you’ll make as a result of this life changing event.

5. Meet the speakers. Most of the property speakers will be accessible over the two days, so introduce yourself to as many as you can. Just meeting great people makes You even greater!

6. Bring a colleague. If you bring a business colleague & then commit to a peer partnership the learning will have far greater impact when you get back to implement your property strategies. 1 + 1 = 11

7. Consider bringing your spouse & even family [potential JV’s]. We believe in total life balance & that real success is in sharing & having an amazing time. You will have plenty of time before & after the sessions to enjoy with your loved ones so make it even more special with their presence.

Property Investing Resolutions For 2013

Let’s face it, as 2013 dawns up on us, we’re all here for the same reason; to learn about property investing from other investors and to hopefully improve and grow our own property business.

Every year around this time people from every walk of life, like to reflect on what practices worked for them during the previous year and look forward with new goals for the coming year.

With that in mind we thought it would be helpful to propose some property related goals for 2013 for investors of any level.

New Year’s Property Resolution #1: Invest in Something (more specifically property!)

For the novice investor this may mean taking that leap of faith and buying their first property investment to rent out. For the seasoned investor it could mean trading up to a large mixed use or multi-unit property or commercial unit.

It doesn’t matter if you plan to BRR (Buy, Refurbish, remortgage) or BFF (Buy, Fix, Flip), most investors know that the best way to succeed is to keep identifying opportunities and purchasing the right kinds of properties and at the right price.

New Year’s Property Resolution #2: Refinance A Property

For those of us who already own several properties maybe this is the year you take advantage of historically low interest rates and refinance a property.

Cheaper debt service equals greater cash flow so refinancing is another way to increase your bottom line that doesn’t require acquiring new properties.

Or those of you who are savvy, can refinance & remove your initial deposit and invest it in another cash-flowing property and repeat the process creating an infinitive ROI.

New Year’s Property Resolution #3: Build/Improve Your Power Investing Team

This could be a goal for a seasoned investor or someone who has yet to make their first purchase.

Putting together a power team that includes refurb contractors, letting agents, mortgage brokers, surveyors, smart tax accountants that you can use as resources to get opinions and analysis will exponentially increase your odds of succeeding as a property investor.

If you already have a team then take a few minutes to evaluate them and see if alternative, better option exists.

New Year’s Property Resolution #4: Get More Organized, Systemized, Streamlined, and Consistent

This one isn’t only related to property investing but almost everyone has room to get more organized, systemized and streamlined which will allow you to work more efficiently (i.e. smarter) but still consistently put out a reliable product.

Take a few minutes to review your systems and consider if there are better ways to do them. Take advantage of technology like computer programs, apps, iPads, iPhones, tablets, clouds and all of those things you may have heard about but don’t really understand.

New Year’s Property Resolution #5: Continue Learning About Investing So You’re Ready To Start In 2013

If you’re reading this that means you are interested in and attempting to learn about smart property investing. Keep reading, learning, networking, analyzing and trying to get comfortable with property investing.

Develop a game plan that can be easily executed and put all of your ducks in order so you can be one of the people who finally buy their first [or multiple] investment property in 2013!

What are your property New Year’s resolutions for 2013?

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